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MARCH 19 GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION IN LOS ANGELES [Mar. 18th, 2005|03:08 pm]
Beat Back the Bush Attack! U.S. Troops Out of Iraq!

Saturday, March 19, 12 noon
Gather Hollywood & Vine, Los Angeles
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This is why I came to Los Angeles [Dec. 21st, 2004|03:08 pm]
Coming Sunday, January 9th
The legendary Linda Blair will appear in person with Mink Stole to discuss
her acting career and her Worldheart Animal Rights Foundation work. Includes
film clips and audience participation! Those who've attended our nights with
Karen Black and Julie Brown know how much fun these nights are! More details to

AKBAR is open Mon-Fri. 5pm-2am, Sat & Sun. 7pm-2am

a neighborhood oasis & dancebar
4356 Sunset Blvd. @ Fountain Ave. in Silver Lake
NOTE: Extra parking available at Silver Lake Flowers, across the street at
the NE corner of Sunset & Fountain.
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Pacoima photos, part 2 [Nov. 23rd, 2004|04:00 pm]
Here are a dozen or so more photos of Pacoima.Collapse )
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A wintry day in Pacoima [Nov. 23rd, 2004|03:36 pm]
Have I mentioned that I love winter in Los Angeles? The moments of clear sky and unending views are incredible.
I usually judge the smog factor by how well I can see the buildings downtown from the top of my front stairs.
Usually, they're in some degree of haze. Sunday, after Saturday night's rain, downtown's buildings stood out as
if they were in a pop-up book. All the mountains all around were clear as could be. Hell had transformed into
heaven. What else would you expect, here in the land of extremes?

I recently had occasion to spend a couple of hours in Pacoima, with nothing important to do. A friend of mine
works there, and I was playing taxi. So, while I waited, I explored Pacoima, me and my camera. Lucky me! Pacoima,
like practically everywhere in L.A., has no shortage of interesting things to see. Pacoima is nestled in the
middle of the San Fernando Valley -- from what I gathered, it's mostly between I-5 and San Fernando Blvd.,
centered around Van Nuys Blvd. I don't really know the history of Pacoima, but many stories are all around, in
the murals, the signs, on the streets. I'll let the photos tell you about it.

Pacoima photos, part one: murals and stuffCollapse )
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Eagle Rock mural in progress [Nov. 20th, 2004|01:32 pm]
It's been harder for me to take pictures lately. Seems whenever I'm out and about with time to stop for photos, it's already getting dark! Here's an interesting mural I came upon this week at the edge of Eagle Rock, on San Fernando Blvd.

clickity for 3 moreCollapse )
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Los Angeles fashion! [Nov. 19th, 2004|10:02 pm]
Not having a TV, I fancy myself a step removed from fashion brainwashing. But occasionally I encounter some personal fashion prejudice. I like my silly little style, and I don't dress like many of the people I see because, well, I don't want to. So perhaps you could say I have some sense of fashion, even if nobody else shares it.

After a lovely swim yesterday, my friend T and I stopped at a cafe in Silverlake. It was pretty warm out, so we sat out back. Next to us, two guys were hashing out details about the rental market -- one was a real estate agent looking very square in his suit and neatly trimmed plain-as-day hair, the other a homeowner artsy type guy in jeans and clogs, sporting the bed-head look. I was eavesdropping for a moment, but then I became greatly distracted by a woman sitting across from me. She was hiding the majority of herself behind a newspaper, but even the table couldn't hide her major fancy shoelace action. Wow!

I was able to slyly capture this photo to show you all the glory of this new shoelace fashion.

this one right hereCollapse )

Occasionally she'd turn the page of the newspaper, revealing her long red hair and shimmery snakeskin shirt (yes children, I speak the truth). Ooo, it was exciting! But I couldn't get a photo of the shirt without seeming awfully rude. So you'll just have to use your imaginations.

That is all.

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Ugh [Nov. 19th, 2004|12:44 pm]
[Current Mood |Hack hack]

It's so smoggy today that I can't even see downtown from 2 miles away.
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Watts from the inside [Nov. 9th, 2004|06:39 pm]

Watts Gothic

This is my friends P and A (ilipodscrill and amarama) on our recent trip to Watts Towers. Lucky us -- a friend of a friend was working there that day, and let us inside the gates!

Get a glimpse of what we saw (+16)Collapse )

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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2004|12:25 am]
In case you missed the Miss Orange County pageant last weekend.
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2004|12:30 pm]
My friend S totalled her van last week. The hit and run driver actually stopped to check the damage to his truck, then sped off. The good news is that he gave time for two witnesses to jot down his license plate number. Pretty much everything else was bad news. A tow truck appeared and offered to help. They told S she should tell the police that she had called the tow truck. Whatever, she thought. The cops came, took all the info, and the tow truck hauled the van away to place that specializes in collisions. Hmm. They declared the van totalled, and helped arrange for a salvage yard to buy the van for $100. M and I drove S and her partner T down to the collision place a couple days later, so S could transfer the title to the salvage place. When we got there, the collision place told S she had to pay them storage fees before the salvage place could take the van. A huge fight ensued between S and the collision place -- had she known she was going to be charged, she would have called AAA and had the van towed to her house to give her time to figure out what the best course of action was. While the collision guy had gone inside, the salvage guy was surprisingly frank with S about this premeditated scam the collision place had going, whereby they show up at accidents and offer to help, ending up charging what sometimes amounted to thousands of dollars in storage fees.

While S was fighting with the guy outside, we watched an old man from the salvage place who was in the passenger seat of the tow truck. He was odd somehow, and M was suspicious of him. Eventually he got back in the truck, at which point he dumped his fast-food wrappers out the window into the street. M just couldn't stand it. She hates litterbugs. "I dare you," I challenged. She went for it. Got out of the car, walked over to the tow truck, picked up the garbage and handed it to the man, saying "I think you dropped something." He was red-faced and apologetic. She came back to the car and howling laughter ensued. Meanwhile, S continued fighting with the other guys, wondering what in the hell we were doing.

S would not be had, and she was eventually able to leave there without paying. S is in her 40's, and a very recent immigrant. After she got back in the car she declared her victory: "These people think they know how to be corrupt. I'm from the third world! They can't rip ME off! I know their games better than they do!" Later, she started lamenting having sold the car for $100, wondering if in fact it was actually beyond repair. Ugh.

In an attempt to get her mind off the car, we took a little detour in search of interesting graffiti. S had never seen anything like it. Apparently she always takes the freeway. So we were able to have a little adventure, despite the sad loss of her van.

Here are some pics of the graffiti we found on Slauson Ave. Read more...Collapse )
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